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2011 Scholarship Award Winners
In 2011, the Lucretia H. Richter Scholarship Committee hosted its annual luncheon for the purpose of awarding scholarships to this year's recipients. Committee and many other members of the Scholarship Fund organization recognized five outstanding local nursing students for their academics, their commitments to nursing and their prospects for successful careers in nursing.  Each was introduced by a Committee member, and the details of her nursing education highlighted by her sponsor from the Nursing Department of her school.  Each was then presented with a check for $1,000.00 in recognition of her excellence. 

Below are pictured the winners of the Lu Richter Scholarships and, indiviually, with their sponsors, their presenters, and some family members.  The Committee wishes to thank all students who applied for this scholarship and to congratulate this year's recipients.

Shelby Cross, Ashley Meiers, Kathryn Reiss, Rachael Felker and Rachel Morgan

Shelby Cross with her guest, Marcial Rojas and Richter presenter, Eleanor Nixon

Ashley Meiers with her fiance, Cody Dean, and Richter presenter, Monica Cloonan

Rachael Felker with Richter presenter, Mary Monefeldt


Rachel Morgan with Clinical Inst. Ursula Dyson, Asst. Prof. Chrisann Fennessey, and Richter presenter Sonja Poe

Kathryn Reiss with Asst. Professor Karen Parker and Richter presenter, Rosemary Roth

Maureen Daigler-Kluge, 2008 recipient, returns to update nursing colleagues about her career.

  *Nursing Department faculty are not members of the Scholarship Selection Committee.