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2015 Recipients of the Lucretia H. Richter Nursing Scholarships

At this year's luncheon program, Lucille Frisicano, RN was invited as our guest speaker. After many years in nursing, Lucille joined the Red Cross and has traveled the country with an Emergency Response Team to the sites of numerous catastrophes.

Last year, she was "invited to volunteer" for a trip to Africa where the Red Cross was assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of Ebola patients. With both excitement and apprehension, Lucille stepped forward. Once in Africa, the team was trained by military personnel in "donning and doffing" the personal protective equipment (PPE) required to participate in the effort. Doubly wrapped in air-tight suits was tolerable for only 3 hours at a time in 80-90-degree temperatures. The hospital provided a triage area for general evaluation, a "suspect" ward for possible cases, the treatment area for confirmed cases, and a recovery area to verify a cure prior to discharge.

Despite the number of fatalities, the "saves" were encouraging, satisfying and cause for celebration. And Lucille returned to her family healthy and exhilarated!

Our thanks to Lucille for sharing her experience with us in such an informative, amusing, and overall enthusiastic presentation.

We congratulate all of this year's recipients and wish them all the best as they complete their training and enter the rewarding profession of Nursing.

Upon completing an undergraduate program in Biology at the University of Iowa, Rebecca Blahyj worked in a hospital setting where she discovered her desire for the clinical focus. Her sponsors and instructors at Nazareth College speak highly of her scholarship, leadership, and commitment to nursing. She is motivated and energetic, responsible and aptly enthusiastic, labeled "the little dynamo" by her peers. Rebecca, center, is pictured with her parents, Igor and Linda Blahyj.

Tommasina Huber, a student at SUNY College at Brockport, spent time in Africa as a marketing professional, establishing an orphanage with a church mission group. Believing she could offer more with medical knowledge, Tommasina returned to WNY and entered the nursing program. Tommasina, second from left, is pictured here with her husband, Timothy. Also in the picture are her nursing instructors Jennifer Chesebro, RN, and Tammy Farnham, RN.

Jennifer McElroy is a student at SUNY College at Brockport. Jennifer plans to specialize in Labor & Delivery with a focus on the psychology of grieving for those parents who lose a child. Jennifer herself lost a neonate and hopes to bring comfort to others by her experience. Jennifer attended with her husband, Steven, and their children, Io and Atticus, and her nursing instructors, Tammy Farnham, RN and Jennifer Chesebro, RN. Incidentally, Jennifer Chesebro is a 1994 recipient of the Lu Richter Scholarship.

Tenisha Murphy attends Alfred State College from her home in Angelica, NY. During many years assisting in the care of her grandparents, Tenisha discovered her love and aptitude for the nursing process as well as her satisfaction in providing comfort for the afflicted. Having a father who struggles with diabetes, Tenisha hopes to guide his care with enhanced knowledge as she finds her career in nursing. Tenisha is pictured with her parents, Todd and Cindy, and her nursing Instructor, Teresa Gleason, RN.

Anita Giordano, a student at Monroe Community College, was unable to attend the awards luncheon. After completing her Bachelor's in Nursing, Anita hopes to continue her education to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Having had a child with an unusual illness, she would like to be the provider for children with complicated conditions as well as the support for their parents. She received her scholarship award in the days following the luncheon.