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2017 Recipients of the Lucretia H. Richter Nursing Scholarships

From within our own Scholarship Committee ranks, we invited Susan Read, RN, to be this year's speaker. Susan is a Nursing Instructor at St. John Fisher College in Rochester.

In her time away from school, however, Susan is the Chief Medical Officer on cruise ships. As Susan explained, to the general public, this may seem like a pretty cushy job, with the sea and the sun and the various ports of call. The truth is that Susan and her team are top-notch medical providers, ready at a moment's notice to deliver high quality medical care to not only the ship's guests but to the crew as well.

The medical department has a fully equipped Intensive Care Unit. First, however, the patient has to be brought to "sick bay" from any location on the ship. The medical crew must be aware of the layout of each of the ships in numerous fleets and be able to arrive at the patient's location, with portable medical equipment, to begin what can be life-saving care. Once stabilized, patients can be transferred by ambulance to any hospital in a port-of-call or air-lifted to the nearest facility if they are between ports. One member of the team is always ready with the "go-bag" to minimize response time to the patient and pagers alert them to a crisis. With a coordinated slide show to accompany her oral presentation, Susan introduced a new world of practice to the nurses and families in attendance.

We congratulate all of this year's recipients and wish them all the best as they complete their training and enter the rewarding profession of Nursing.

2017 Scholarship Recipients (left to right); Jeanne A. Lemcke, Monroe Community College, Annaliese R. Corrao, Alfred State College, Katherine A. Nicastro, Roberts Wesleyan College, Caroline M. Bower, St. John Fisher College, Courtney E. Henninger, St. John Fisher College, Rebecca L. Piendel, St. John Fisher College.

The students pictured below appear with their sponsors.

Through the years, Caroline Bower has met a number of nurses, and plans to emulate the most exemplary among them. Caroline hopes to incorporate the "patient first" compassion that she witnessed on many occasions. Caroline knows that patients may have underlying thoughts and emotions about their hospital stay and it is her job to make their experiences the best possible with concern, compassion, and quality care. Appearing with Caroline is her sponsor Nancy Wilk.

Annaliese Corrao cites the support of her Mom as an important factor in her success in nursing school. She noted that the rigorous curriculum in the three years of study was a challenging process. With a 2-week internship in Jamaica and a week in Haiti with her nursing instructor, Annaliese has seen a very different side of nursing. Because of this, she hopes to spend some time as a Travel Nurse after training in Med-Surg for a couple years. Annaliese's sponsor is Jessica Lippa.

As a single mom, Courtney Henninger has had to juggle her responsibilities to her child and to her schooling. Regardless of the pressure, Courtney has managed to submit all her projects on time and deliver an outstanding record in her nursing classes. She feels that her obstacles in life actually empowered her to pursue nursing and that she has the compassion and determination to succeed in the nursing profession. Courtney is joined by her sponsor Kathryn Haugh.

Jeanne Lemcke has been an LPN for years and decided to expand her practice by returning to school for her RN degree. She has worked in a private pediatric practice for 12 years and would like to work in Pediatric Oncology or in Hospice once she obtains her new credentials. Jeanne's instructor remarked that "the cream has risen to the top" with Jeanne's program performance. Jeanne is calm and confident and is able to pass that on to her patients. Jeanne feels that nursing is "who I am and not what I do". Jeanne is joined by Jacqueline Dorsey and Laurie Palmer.

Katherine Nicastro has been quite busy during her schooling, participating in Track & Field and holding 4 campus jobs during her program. She understands the importance of time management to balance study, sleep, and work. But the coffee helps! Keeping focused on the pay-off has given her the determination and, at Roberts Wesleyan, she has also grown in her walk with God. Her mom is a nurse and role model for her and she knows that nursing can make a difference in patients' lives. Katherine's instructor labeled her "a spitfire". Katherine is pictured with Christine Lupiani and Santhing Rajamohan.

Rebecca Piendel believes she was "put on earth to become a nurse". The journey has been challenging, having lost her dad recently but her instructor states that Rebecca not only "accepts challenges-she pursues them". Rebecca is compassionate and kind with her patients. She has not settled, as yet, on the area of nursing she plans to pursue but remains open to the possibilities as she completes her program at St. John Fisher. Savana Gargana is Rebecca's sponsor.